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Dino Month week 4

on September 24, 2013
dinosaur puppets wall display children kids

Click on the picture above to see these wee dino puppets/jumping jacks over on our web site

This week has seen lots of new stock turn up as we start to get ready for Christmas (including new Meccano ‘Evolution’ sets and some fantastic new Disney figures from Bullyland). We’ve also been updating our web site to show off a nice wee cross section of the craft kits we stock, pop along here to have a look. Our ‘Dinosaur Train’ competition is still open until Saturday and remember adults are more than welcome to have a go too (the prize for the most creative adult entry is a box of maltesers, you can get a printable copy of the colouring sheet here.

piggy-bank-christmas-money-gift-thumb6886180Another important thing to point out, and we apologise in advance for the reminder, is that it’s now only 3 paychecks till Christmas (4 for the lucky ones who get paid in the week before Christmas). In light of this we thought we might remind you that we offer a Christmas Club layaway service which allows you to spread the cost (and stress) of Christmas shopping to make things a bit easier on your pocket (and blood pressure). Ask any of us for some information about the Christmas club next time you’re in either of our shops. We’re also considering running a Christmas night in the shops sometime in October (food and drink and the chance to look though stock and pick Christmas presents away from the kids) so let us know if you think you’d be interested in attending.

Fun Junction Perth Crieff BullylandOur new Bullyland products are lovely and cover a broad cross-section of different Disney favourites so there should be something for everyone. Currently they’re being exhibited on our fancy new Bullyland display stand in our Perth shop but a selection should be making its way through to Crieff soon. Among them are characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (and yes we have all seven), Winnie the Pooh, Pinocchio, and characters from more recent films like Tangled and Brave, and there are many more on top of this. Pop along to the Perth shop to see what we’ve got.

Fun Junction Crieff Perth MeccanoMeccano’s new ‘Evolution’ range is designed to be a bit more challenging than some of there other sets with a variety of different moving parts on each model. Models include all-terrain vehicles, flying vehicles and building site machines. Again due to space restrictions the display stand has been put together in the Perth shop, but again you’ll be able to get these from Crieff too within the next few days.

We hope you’re enjoying this fairly mild beginning to Autumn, when you’re out enjoying the Autumn sun remember to pop into the shop to start getting ideas for Christmas. Keep in touch, see you again next week, and don’t forget you can subscribe by using the subscribe box to the right of this post.


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