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Fantasy month week 1

on October 1, 2013

genie disney bullyland schleich griffon gryphon griffin knightDinosaur month is over, the ‘Dinosaur Train’ colouring competition entries are being judged and our attention is now turning towards Fantasy month, Halloween and the fact that we are edging ever closer to Christmas. Fantasy month is looking to be good fun, the staff will be crafting their own costumes for a dress up event later in the month (which will probably turn into a competition between us all so we’ll be counting on customer votes to keep things fair). We’re all going to have to get our thinking caps on in the next few weeks.

As we told you a couple of weeks ago on top of the general planning for seasonal events in the shop we’ll also be popping up a couple of stalls at in October.  The first event we’ll have a stall at is a big two-day event with West Fife baby and Toddlers through in Dunfermline (18th and 19th), on one of the days of the event it’s  ‘onesie day’ at the Kingsgate shopping centre (where the event is held) which means even more dressing up for whoever is manning the stall (don’t worry we’ll be sure to get pictures so you can all have a laugh at our expense). The other stall is a little closer to home and is only on for the one day but this doesn’t mean it’ll be any less entertaining and exciting. This one is a Halloween themed event at the Community Campus in Crieff on the following week (26th) it will be choc full of activities and Halloween themed fun (more details to follow once we know more about what they’ll be up to).

Unlike ‘Dinosaur month’ we don’t really have a competition set up for this month. A few ideas we’ve been considering include:

  • A fantasy/magic/scary story writing competition where the winning entry will receive a prize and have their story turned into either a mini comic page or a short picture story style animation (put together by our web team).
  • A costume competition (for children/adults who have made their own costumes) where you upload pictures onto our facebook page to be judged on Halloween night
  • A ‘chose the next step’ story event with Winston (Fun Junction’s very own little adventurer), where people get to decide what he’ll do next on his adventures. Those who vote will be entered into a prize draw.
Scleich figures

Here’s Winston

Nothing is set in stone yet in terms of our competitions and we’re more than happy to put together another colouring competition, we just though it might be fun to try something new. If more than one of these options turns out to be popular we’ll obviously consider doing more than just one competition this month.

Use this poll to tell us what competition you’d like to see us do:

We hope you’ll all enjoy fantasy month and remember to subscribe to this newsletter to be the first to know what we’re up to.


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