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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

on November 12, 2013

gerry christmaspocket money stocking fillersWell a little anyway. Of course over here at Fun Junction we’ve been thinking about Christmas since around September but it seems like customers are now starting to join in too. Over at John’s blog he’s posted his top five toys and games for quality time at Christmas. We’ve been spending our free time getting the Christmas section on our web site up and running so far we’ve got a selection of our Christmas puzzles on there but there’s more to come soon (pop along for a wee look, remember it’s a work in progress so we welcome any comments you might have about it).

sogen fressers worry eaters soft toyAs usual we’ve been updating our web site with more and more stock. You can now browse through our ‘Sorgen Fresser’ range. They are worry eating monsters with zip up mouths. You help your child write down their worries to feed to their Sorgen Fresser and in the process you can get a wee window into the things that are bothering them. They really are a fantastic concept and would be perfect for parents who have trouble getting their kids to open up about things that bother them.

Mi PerthshireThis last thing should be of interest to any of our subscribers in the Perthshire area. Last night our web team went to an event aimed at upping the digital presence of shops and services in and around Perth. One of the key things we found out about was ‘Mi Perthshire’. If you haven’t downloaded their app we strongly recommend it (available from iTunes and Google play), it’ll get you clued up on any offers, promotions or events happening around the area. It also matches your location using gps so you’ll be able to find offers from stores close to you on your next shopping trip to Perth. It should definitely make your next shopping trip much easier to plan. The additional services planned for the future are really exciting, there is a lot more to come to make it easier/ more convenient for you to shop locally so watch this space as we aim to be with them all the way on this.

Lastly we’re running a promotion during November which provides you with a £5 voucher for use on a purchase of £40 or more on our web site when you sign up to receive this newsletter in your inbox. Just pop your e-mail address in the box to the right to be added to the mailing list (it will only be used to send you information from Fun Junction) and we’ll e-mail your discount code to you. All the best from the team here at Fun Junction


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