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Giddy for Games and Potty for Puzzles

on May 21, 2015

Here’s a wee selection of some fantastic games and puzzles that are newly added to our website today, we’ve been having a bit of an Orchard Toys day today:

orchard toys can you guess performance game for 4 four years preschool and up‘Can you Guess?’: This is an action based game that’s almost charades with sounds. These kinds of games can be a fantastic way to build a child’s confidence. Add to this the bonus of a bit of family time away from screens and you’re on a winner. The game has been designed in a way that allows children as young as four to join in so it really opens it up as a game for the whole family to enjoy. You can get yours by following this link.

orchard toys big-number-jigsaw quantity and number up to 20 twenty twenty piece puzzle for 3 three and up preschool‘Big Number Jigsaw’: Numeracy can be a tricky one for some young children, a big part of the problem can be relating the strange new symbols with things that they can actually count. A talk-about puzzle like this one can be a fantastic way to help a child to relate the number symbol to the real-world quantity. It’s a twenty-piece puzzle with pretty large pieces so even children as young as three years old can use it. Follow this link to find it on our website.


orchard toys what do i do people that help us professions jigsaw puzzles for 2 two and up toddler preschool‘What Do I Do?’: This puzzle fits into a wee category that we call ‘people who help us’. It’s basically a way of saying that a toy or puzzle is themed around familiarising kids with different professions. ‘What do I do?’ is a great one because it not only highlights the emergency service workers that you normally would see in this kind of puzzle but it also features a baker and a builder, making this a little more connected to the kinds of jobs children might see on a more regular basis. A superb puzzle and to top it off it’s suitable for children aged two and up so it’s also a fun first puzzle.

There’s plenty more over on the website so have a wee browse around, we’ve even got a whole section dedicated to Orchard Toys that you can find if you click this link.


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