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Help with handwriting

on May 23, 2015

wpid-imag0240.jpgThis is something we get asked for fairly often and customers tend to be quite surprised at the array of options we point them towards. There are a heap of toys and games that can help with fine motor skills and in essence that’s the main thing that children need to master to become comfortable using a pencil. Here are three ideas that go beyond simply getting them to practice with a pencil and paper:

hape toys go fish go fine motor toy manetic wand with metal balls perspec coverMagnetic ball maze: A magnetic stylus attached by string to a wooden maze board, covered with a perspex topper that stops the colourful little plastic-covered metal balls from escaping as you guide them through the maze. This one ticks a whole lot of boxes; not only is the magnetic stylus extremely pencil-like but the movements used to guide the balls through the maze are extremely similar to the sort of control children need to master the art of making legible shapes with their pencil. Hape also makes a version that looks like a train.

large_galt_cotton_reels_dexterity_toy_preschoolLacing toys:  Lacing beads are an unusual one for most people and we sometimes get funny looks for suggesting it when asked. Admittedly lacing a bead doesn’t look like writing (even a little bit), however it does promote a careful approach to using exactly the same muscles you use when writing. What’s more it’s a little less obviously linked to handwriting which means it a perfect toy for a child who has perhaps developed a reluctance to try writing or anything writing related. (click on the links for cotton reels, First Lacing Pictures, and Djeco’s very distinctive princess beads, transport beads, and nature beads)

GLT Water Magic Animals (W)Water Magic: It can’t hurt to expose children to pencil (or pencil-like) activities either. Galt’s awesome ‘water magic’ books come with a refillable water ‘pen’ that’s used to colour in the board pages. Once they’re done your child can enjoy to colours and hidden pictures in the images, which will fade back to white after a few minutes, ready for re-use (yes that means a lot less paper being used up, plus it’s fantastically portable). You can have a look at water magic sets by clicking the picture. Another clear winner (possibly for older children) is of course dot to dot puzzles which obviously encourage children to produce nice straight lines.

There are obviously a lot more options (you can see a lot of them in our ‘fine motor‘ section on the website) but these should cover a few bases. You can click on the images below to be taken straight the toys talked about in this post. Hope this has helped you, feel free to leave any questions or comments you might have in the comments box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, all the best the Fun Junction team.

hape toys go fish go fine motor toy manetic wand with metal balls perspec coverhape choo choo tracks wooden maze toy magnetic wand perpex cover fine motor skillslarge_galt_cotton_reels_dexterity_toy_preschoolgalt first lacing pictures animals fine motor control toydjeco filaprincess princess themed lacing beads fine motor skills toydjeco filavroum wooden transport lacing pieces fine motor dexterity toydjeco filabellule nature themed lacing toy fine motor skills developmentlarge_GLT_Water_Magic_Dinosaurs__W_large_GLT_Water_Magic_Fairies__W_large_galt_water_magic_gift_set_water_art_with_pens_for_children_aged_3_three_years_uplarge_GLT_Water_Magic_Robo_Crew__W_galt water magic farm with water penGLT Water Magic Animals (W)


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