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Report on Dinosaur day

on June 20, 2015

11026238_710913879012806_8528858882230045872_n11402235_710626119041582_2848547519507380515_oWe had a couple of Dinosaur days last weekend and they were a big hit. It certainly looks as though a great day was had by all. Children visiting the shop were greeted at the door with dinosaur masks allowing them to really get into the swing of things and become dinosaurs for the day.

Some of our more creative staff members went all-out too, decorating the shop with trails of vines and plants, and dinosaurs galore. The dinosaur hunt got a great response as children voyaged around the shop trying to discover all of the hidden dinosaurs. Parents were trailing wee groups of ‘dinosaurs’ throughout the day, one member of staff even suggested that it looked like a dinosaur train. Every successful dinosaur hunter was presented with a certificate to prove to others just how expert at dinosaur hunting they had become.

1888698_710913909012803_1744466221338330771_n11220142_710913835679477_3095760766597521535_nOther activities included colouring, stencilling, dinosaur board games, and a selection of dino-themed craft activities. Each day ended having seen a shop-full of happy dino-kids and dinosaur explorers (otherwise known as staff). We always have a blast on a Fun Junction Activity day.

What sort of themed days do you think we should consider in future? Magic, witches, and wizards? Animal days? Princess tea party (though some boys may not take kindly to being princesses or even princes, so we’re open to suggestions)? Feel free to pop suggestions in the comments below. Thank you to all the customers who made our dinosaur days so much fun, and for those who didn’t make it along this time, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, like us on facebook, or follow us on twitter, to be sure not miss out on our next activity day.

All the best, the Fun Junction Team



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