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The Art of Toy making

on July 2, 2015

Arty Toys Ze Castle CompEvery now and then a toy company surprises us. The best surprises come when a company makes something simple, that works as a kind of pretend-play ‘key’ that opens up the imagination and allows it to pop into a higher gear. Arty toys did this for us, their figures are amazing, they’re far from realistic but there’s something really alive about them. We got really caught up in making up wee character descriptions of each individual figure on our web site which we thought we’d share. Here are some of our favourite home-grown product descriptions:

djeco arty toys knight darko black knightDarko looks like one of the most menacing fiends you could ever meet, but the truth is his visor is a sneeze guard (he’s always got a cold) and he’s so lazy (and a bit of a scaredy cat) that he sometimes takes off his armour and leaves it stood up at his post to pretend he’s on guard duty while he goes to hide in a cupboard for a nap. Darko’s favourite possession is his pillow and his favourite activity is sleeping. Darko is not the best night guard in the world. For Ages: 4 years and up

large_rosalia_djeco_arty_toys_princessIn the land of Djeco few people possess the ability to do magic, even fewer master it. Rosalia is a master, she can fairy-god-mother with the best of them but she’s also been known to turn the odd annoying prince into a frog (if he looks like he deserves it). She’s not a bad princess, just a bit… quick-tempered and she normally helps them back to normal after a little while…normally. Suitable for children aged 4 years and up

large_Arty_Toys_Darius_and_the_Attack_Tower_with_border2Out of the blue Darius will sometimes tell the other knights of Ze Castle that he “smells purple” or “tastes thunder”, the other knights know that Darius is a bit…confused. So what duty did they allocate to this slightly unhinged but very friendly little guy? They put him in charge of a war machine of course! Another fantastically unusual creation from Arty toys. Suitable for Ages: 4 years and up

large_captain_red_pirate_figure_toy_djeco_arty_toys_preschool_poseable_pose-able_posableCaptain Red is a lovely chap, really!…Well OK sometimes he goes a bit crazy and throws people off the ship, but people love swimming right? Captain Red is an Arty toys pirate, distinctively designed by the folks at Djeco. We originally got these figures in to appeal to children that were a little too young for the likes of Papo figures but to be honest we were wrong, children of all ages love these little characters, with pose-able arms and heads and very distinct designs and personalities, what’s not to like? These figures are all suitable for children aged 4 years and up.

Arty Toys are just one example of the kind of creativity that the folks at Djeco have to offer. If you click on this link you’ll be taken to the ‘Djeco‘ section on our web site. On top of their amazing play figures they also offer a superb range of craft sets and games, it really is worth a look, we hope you enjoy Djeco’s range as much as we do. Thanks for popping by, have fun, The Fun Junction Team


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