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The no blog post blog post

on July 30, 2015

savage-chicks impatientYep, every blog has one of these every now and then; we finally hit the point where we’ve been too busy to pop out a weekly blog post. However, we thought we’d share a wee gem from this week:

A wee boy walks into the shop with his mum and his gran for a look around the toys. It’s near the end of the day and you can see that he’s extremely pleased to finally be in the toy shop. He takes his time looking at every section carefully, taking in what we have and stopping for a play at the play table.

His mum realises the time and explains that they’ll need to go but the wee guy is still looking. A few minutes go by and his mum once again points out that they’re going to have to go, unfazed by this the wee boy continues to take in what the shop has to offer. Next it’s granny’s turn to point out that they need to go and the wee boy turns to them both and in deadpan seriousness tells them “You two need to learn to be more patient!”

Sorry we don’t have more advice on toys, or reports on new lines for you this week. We’ve actually started an e-mail newsletter though, so if you’d like to sign up and hear about events and special offers as early as possible then simply click on this link and fill in your e-mail address (we’ll only email you once a month, and we won’t pass your e-mail address on to anyone else). Thanks for popping by, all the best, the Fun Junction team.


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