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Some fun you might have missed

on August 20, 2015

filter-fb1We’ve been hidden! Many businesses that use Facebook encounter this problem, basically our posts don’t get seen by every liker on our page. Whether we like it or not only about ten or fifteen percent of our ‘likers’ get to see them. It’s how Facebook does things, filtering business posts is intended to stop you getting a newsfeed full of promotional and sales material from every business you’ve ever liked (unless they buy advertising).

We do try to avoid being too sales-pitch orientated and we have our Facebook manager Jo on hand adding a creative element to hopefully make our posts an entertaining addition to your news feed. Some of her posts are a lot of fun and we just wanted to show off some little gems that you might have missed, so here they are:

squeezy the donkey lamaze toys baby high contrast colour dexterity20:00 16th Aug: Our new favourite toy of the week! Whilst the video is questionable, Squeezy the Donkey is fantastic!

smencils scented pencils colouring in08:00 15th Aug: Everyone knows school is super dull without a jelly doughnut scented smencil!

orangutan puppet large from the puppet company09:05 11th Aug: Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of trimming a loose thread from an orangutan puppets armpit you have to pause and wonder, this is normal, right?

And of course we should also remember to tell you about our sale with this wee picture of our sale bay (yep we know this counts as ‘promotional and sales material 😛 but we also don’t want folk to miss out)

fun junction sale bay12:51pm 14th Aug: Our sale is still going strong in both shops, with lots of fantastic deals!

If you really, simply, absolutely must see everything we post (it’s not that much really, often less than a post a day) you can ensure that you won’t miss out on any more fun by (this only works on a PC) going to our facebook page, hovering over the ‘like’ button and selecting ‘get notifications’. Thanks for popping by, please let us know what you think to our Facebook page either in the comments section here or over on the Facebook page itself (that way we know whether to award Jo a packet of Maltesers for her efforts or not 😉 ). Catch you later, The Fun Junction Team


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