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Engineering Engineers

on August 27, 2015

engino eco car demoWe’ve had these kits in for a while now and we’ve been really impressed with the quality and the price. You might have spotted the Eiffel Towers that we’ve had in both out Crieff and Perth windows, they were both Engino and you can even try and build your own (if you’re up for the challenge) for less than £100 (that’s the in store price, unfortunately it’s so big and heavy we’ve had to add £10 to the online price to cover postage).

Engino is a brand new construction system which is set to roll out in classrooms across the country soon (so children will be familiar with it soon enough). The system works from basic engineering principles and encourages children to explore the use of three-dimensional exploded diagram instructions (like real engineers often use). Basically it’s been designed by an engineer who wants to help prepare the next generation of engineers (and children interested in other STEM fields) for the kind of construction techniques and principles they’ll encounter in the real world.

engino pico spinner red construction pocket money plastic engineering spinning topEngino offers a huge range of different types of sets, starting with small £1.50 pocket money kits. These are collectables and if they get all four (red, green, blue, and yellow) they can build three different vehicle models from the parts (instructions are available on the Engino website).

eco wooden 3 in 1 one a box cars and tractors engino plastic engineering construction systemEngino also created a range that incorporates wooden components. It’s a great way to add a more natural feel to their construction toys with the added benifit that wooden components come from a much more sustainable source than plastic (hence the ‘eco’ name). You can find the two kits we stock by clicking this link (for cars, and a tractor) and this one (for bikes).

inventor 90 ninety in 1 one a box engino plastic engineering construction systemProbably most ‘engineery’/’engineerish’ (OK neither of those are real words but you know what we mean) are the motorised sets, the largest of which provides instructions for as many as 90 different projects. There is simply no way you’re going to get bored playing with Engino. Each kit comes with a motor which runs on AAA batteries (though, as seems to be the norm with these kinds of things, they aren’t included in the pack).

These are construction kits that are genuinely a bit different and when compared like-for-like with other construction sets they’re alarmingly cheap, starting at £1.50 for the spinners, the motorised 30 in 1 set is just £24.99, and the Eiffel Tower, the most expensive, and biggest, set we stock (seriously it’s 1.5 meters tall when built) is just £99.99 in store.

We’re very impressed with these sets and we hope you enjoy having a wee browse around on our website to check them out yourself. Let us know what you think either in the comments here, over on our facebook page, or over on our twitter account. Thanks for stopping by, hopefully see you again soon, cheers, the Fun Junction Team


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