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Getting the bugs out

on September 17, 2015

large_Hexbug_nano_original_motorised_bug_bugs_insect_insectsHexBugs are back!!!!!! What’s more they’ve brought some friends along, not only do we have a range of HexBug Nano, Hexbug Nano v2, and the larger ‘original’ HexBugs (though most people recognise the ‘Nano’s best), but now they’re accompanied by a whole new range of aquatic robots including jellyfish, seahorses, and even a remote-controlled angel fish (seriously, what bath could be complete without one?).

Here’s a brief wee run-down of what they all do (all HexBug products are suitable for children aged 3 years and up):

The original, the one, the only, Hexbug Nanos!!! Prepare to become fascinated with your floor, entranced by your end-tables, wonder at your worktops, and be diverted by your dining table, thanks to these amazingly entertaining little robot bugs. Just flick the switch and watch them wobble around interacting with their environment.

large_hexbug_original_robotic_insect_robot_bugOriginal Hexbug: Bigger than his younger siblings (the Nanos and NanoV2s) this is a terrifically diverting wee character, watch him scuttle around like a real insect. This really is the ‘original’ hexbug, basically using the same design as the first HexBugs released in 2007. They were created using the simpified robototic techniques employed by BEAM robotics (where engineers try to simplify the mechanics as much as possible to create responsive yet robust machines). The original HexBug is a lot of fun and it’s amazing to watch its ‘behaviour’ as it explores its environment. (Batteries included, please be aware that colours may vary from the picture shown.)

large_HEXBUG_NANO_V2_gravity_loop_with_one_hexbug_motorised_bug_bugs_insect_insectsHexBug Nano’s have gone through their own wee evolution and have sprouted tendrils from their backs, meaning that the can now scale the inside of vertical plastic tubes, now their environments are a whole lot more interesting, incorporating lengths of clear tubing for them to climb. The picture on the left is of the ‘Nano V2 Neon Gravity Loop Set‘; in this pack you get one Hexbug Nano V2 (colours vary) along with the awesome gravity-defying play-set that is ‘Gravity Loop’ so you can watch your HexBug V2 navigate complete loops turning over and over throughout their habitat. (batteries included). You can also buy Nano V2s individually and they come with one extra piece of tunnel each.

large_hexbug_aquabots_2.5_jellyfish_jelly_fish_really_swims_with_bowlAnother awesome addition to the HexBug family is are the ‘AquaBots’. These little robo-creatures are water tight and will go to ‘sleep’ after a few minutes of use, to ‘wake’ them simply tap the tank, swirl the water or just touch the AquaBot (see you can’t do that with a real fish). The brilliant thing about these is the variety, you can get a seahorse, a jellyfish (there’s even a pack that comes with its own tank, which you can see pictured). There’s even a remote controlled angelfish.

As you can probably tell we’re very excited to have HexBugs back in the shop. Hopefully we’ll have enough stock soon to get a couple out on display. Currently all of the HexBug family members described here are in stock and available to buy through our website or in store. Thanks for popping by to our blog for a visit, all the best the Fun Junction Team.


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