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News Flash: Snap discovery rocks scientific community to its core

on September 10, 2016

We now interrupt your important stream of cat pictures and videos of people watching other videos/opening stuff to bring you this important public announcement.

Early this morning Dr Gerald Jeerif of Funstible Tech made an unprecedented discovery. It all came from (as so many scientific discoveries do) a small lab accident. Dr Jeerif often likes to start the brain juices pumping with a quick-fire game of snap with the lab technicians but today, instead of reaching for the ‘snap’ cards he mistakenly grabbed a pack of ‘pairs’.

Not noticing his mistake the technicians and Dr Jeerif continued to play a fully functioning game of snap! With pairs cards!

“This discovery could have untold ramifications,” notes Dr Jeerif “for starters think of the space that might be saved from only packing one set of cards.”

When we asked him about his next step in research he became quite animated:

“Well our first move will have to be an investigation into whether ‘snap’ cards can be used to play ‘pairs’, but I have to say that I’m excited about the future. I already have a hunch about ‘donkey’ and ‘old maid’, and one of the lab techs even suggested looking into links between ‘ludo’ and ‘frustration’ and possibly even between ‘lotto’ and ‘bingo’ (though I think we might be getting ahead of ourselves there)”.

It’s not clear where Dr Jeerif’s research will take him next, but what is clear is that the world of identically-marked, image-based, card games will never be the same again.

Thank you for reading and try not to let this discovery disturb your day too much. All the best from all of us here at Fun Junction news.


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