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News Flash: Snap discovery rocks scientific community to its core

We now interrupt your important stream of cat pictures and videos of people watching other videos/opening stuff to bring you this important public announcement.

Early this morning Dr Gerald Jeerif of Funstible Tech made an unprecedented discovery. It all came from (as so many scientific discoveries do) a small lab accident. Dr Jeerif often likes to start the brain juices pumping with a quick-fire game of snap with the lab technicians but today, instead of reaching for the ‘snap’ cards he mistakenly grabbed a pack of ‘pairs’.

Not noticing his mistake the technicians and Dr Jeerif continued to play a fully functioning game of snap! With pairs cards!

“This discovery could have untold ramifications,” notes Dr Jeerif “for starters think of the space that might be saved from only packing one set of cards.”

When we asked him about his next step in research he became quite animated:

“Well our first move will have to be an investigation into whether ‘snap’ cards can be used to play ‘pairs’, but I have to say that I’m excited about the future. I already have a hunch about ‘donkey’ and ‘old maid’, and one of the lab techs even suggested looking into links between ‘ludo’ and ‘frustration’ and possibly even between ‘lotto’ and ‘bingo’ (though I think we might be getting ahead of ourselves there)”.

It’s not clear where Dr Jeerif’s research will take him next, but what is clear is that the world of identically-marked, image-based, card games will never be the same again.

Thank you for reading and try not to let this discovery disturb your day too much. All the best from all of us here at Fun Junction news.

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Some fun you might have missed

filter-fb1We’ve been hidden! Many businesses that use Facebook encounter this problem, basically our posts don’t get seen by every liker on our page. Whether we like it or not only about ten or fifteen percent of our ‘likers’ get to see them. It’s how Facebook does things, filtering business posts is intended to stop you getting a newsfeed full of promotional and sales material from every business you’ve ever liked (unless they buy advertising).

We do try to avoid being too sales-pitch orientated and we have our Facebook manager Jo on hand adding a creative element to hopefully make our posts an entertaining addition to your news feed. Some of her posts are a lot of fun and we just wanted to show off some little gems that you might have missed, so here they are:

squeezy the donkey lamaze toys baby high contrast colour dexterity20:00 16th Aug: Our new favourite toy of the week! Whilst the video is questionable, Squeezy the Donkey is fantastic!

smencils scented pencils colouring in08:00 15th Aug: Everyone knows school is super dull without a jelly doughnut scented smencil!

orangutan puppet large from the puppet company09:05 11th Aug: Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of trimming a loose thread from an orangutan puppets armpit you have to pause and wonder, this is normal, right?

And of course we should also remember to tell you about our sale with this wee picture of our sale bay (yep we know this counts as ‘promotional and sales material 😛 but we also don’t want folk to miss out)

fun junction sale bay12:51pm 14th Aug: Our sale is still going strong in both shops, with lots of fantastic deals!

If you really, simply, absolutely must see everything we post (it’s not that much really, often less than a post a day) you can ensure that you won’t miss out on any more fun by (this only works on a PC) going to our facebook page, hovering over the ‘like’ button and selecting ‘get notifications’. Thanks for popping by, please let us know what you think to our Facebook page either in the comments section here or over on the Facebook page itself (that way we know whether to award Jo a packet of Maltesers for her efforts or not 😉 ). Catch you later, The Fun Junction Team

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The no blog post blog post

savage-chicks impatientYep, every blog has one of these every now and then; we finally hit the point where we’ve been too busy to pop out a weekly blog post. However, we thought we’d share a wee gem from this week:

A wee boy walks into the shop with his mum and his gran for a look around the toys. It’s near the end of the day and you can see that he’s extremely pleased to finally be in the toy shop. He takes his time looking at every section carefully, taking in what we have and stopping for a play at the play table.

His mum realises the time and explains that they’ll need to go but the wee guy is still looking. A few minutes go by and his mum once again points out that they’re going to have to go, unfazed by this the wee boy continues to take in what the shop has to offer. Next it’s granny’s turn to point out that they need to go and the wee boy turns to them both and in deadpan seriousness tells them “You two need to learn to be more patient!”

Sorry we don’t have more advice on toys, or reports on new lines for you this week. We’ve actually started an e-mail newsletter though, so if you’d like to sign up and hear about events and special offers as early as possible then simply click on this link and fill in your e-mail address (we’ll only email you once a month, and we won’t pass your e-mail address on to anyone else). Thanks for popping by, all the best, the Fun Junction team.

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The Last Visit to the Toy Shop

wpid-imag1527.jpgWe never know when it’ll happen, one Friday after school a child that has been popping into our shop for years, pocket money burning a hole in their pocket, will simply not be there. Perhaps it doesn’t occur to parents, and it almost certainly doesn’t occur to the children themselves, but once these children are gone we toy shop folk do miss them.

That child has visited our shop since they were small, in some cases (Fun Junction has been around long enough now) we may have even seen them first arrive in a pram or buggy.

We’ve watched them grow up, developing their tastes, and their personalities, and it’s been fun. It’s a tough day when we realise that a regular wee visitor hasn’t been in for a while. We might occasionally see them shuffle in behind a younger sibling, reluctantly going into a shop that they feel they’ve outgrown. However, more often than not, we’ll only notice their absence when we spot them out with their friends and realise that it’s been a while since we last saw them.

Yet another child is growing up, now too old for toys. Some time, many months before, they’ll have made their last trip to the toy shop and neither the salesperson nor the child themselves will have known it was their last visit. We don’t really get to say goodbye but we like to think that they enjoyed the experiences they had here and that the toys they bought served them well and brought them to worlds of imagination, excitement, and fun. It is an incredible privilege to be a part of someone’s childhood and we are only sorry that we never quite get to say goodbye.

Do you have any memories to share of a favourite toy shop from your childhood? What was it that really added something to your own trips to the toy shop? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. (My own personal one is of the amazing, almost legendary ‘Bains’ toy shop in Crieff. It was an absolute cavalcade of toys, and a magical place to visit with a pocketful of pocket money. I feel really privileged that I grew up with such an incredible shop right on my doorstep.)

All the best, John

(John is our resident toy blogger, he has his own site over at John the Toy Shop Guy and always welcomes a visit)

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

gerry christmaspocket money stocking fillersWell a little anyway. Of course over here at Fun Junction we’ve been thinking about Christmas since around September but it seems like customers are now starting to join in too. Over at John’s blog he’s posted his top five toys and games for quality time at Christmas. We’ve been spending our free time getting the Christmas section on our web site up and running so far we’ve got a selection of our Christmas puzzles on there but there’s more to come soon (pop along for a wee look, remember it’s a work in progress so we welcome any comments you might have about it).

sogen fressers worry eaters soft toyAs usual we’ve been updating our web site with more and more stock. You can now browse through our ‘Sorgen Fresser’ range. They are worry eating monsters with zip up mouths. You help your child write down their worries to feed to their Sorgen Fresser and in the process you can get a wee window into the things that are bothering them. They really are a fantastic concept and would be perfect for parents who have trouble getting their kids to open up about things that bother them.

Mi PerthshireThis last thing should be of interest to any of our subscribers in the Perthshire area. Last night our web team went to an event aimed at upping the digital presence of shops and services in and around Perth. One of the key things we found out about was ‘Mi Perthshire’. If you haven’t downloaded their app we strongly recommend it (available from iTunes and Google play), it’ll get you clued up on any offers, promotions or events happening around the area. It also matches your location using gps so you’ll be able to find offers from stores close to you on your next shopping trip to Perth. It should definitely make your next shopping trip much easier to plan. The additional services planned for the future are really exciting, there is a lot more to come to make it easier/ more convenient for you to shop locally so watch this space as we aim to be with them all the way on this.

Lastly we’re running a promotion during November which provides you with a £5 voucher for use on a purchase of £40 or more on our web site when you sign up to receive this newsletter in your inbox. Just pop your e-mail address in the box to the right to be added to the mailing list (it will only be used to send you information from Fun Junction) and we’ll e-mail your discount code to you. All the best from the team here at Fun Junction

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Fantasy Month week 2

gerry wizard smallerHalloween is coming, we hope you’re all set to make the most of the spooky season with home made costumes, embarrassing party games and lots of goulish recipes to entertain and freak out. Whatever you’re up to we’d love to hear about it, so please pop along to our  facebook page and share (you could even post a picture or two to let us see your creative side).

our halloween stand in the Perth shopThis week we’re making Halloween packs, we did this last year for a local group and they loved it. Basically if you are throwing a Halloween party and you need prizes, a pass-the-parcel present, or even just odds and ends for a lucky dip, we can help with that. We choose presents for you by age group (some hints about what they like can be handy though), then we’ll wrap parcels with themed wrap and box them up ready for you to pick up. We obviously run a similar service at Christmas and we’re already getting bookings so be sure to get in soon to avoid disappointment.

Jenny is heading on through to Crieff today to design some lovely new window displays for us so pretty soon you’ll be able to check out her creations both at the shop and at our window box up at the Hydro. Not quite sure what she has planned but we’re sure it will be awesome.

Another thing we’re doing is stocking up on favourite fantasy books. Aside from the modern franchises like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Percy Jackson’, and ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ etc. we’re wanting to go a bit retro too with some ‘Worst Witch’, ‘Meg and Mog’ and maybe some old classics like ‘The Wishing Chair’ and ‘Narnia’. We’d love some help choosing though so pop a comment here or on our facebook page with some of your favourite fantasy/magic books for kids.

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Dino Month week 4

dinosaur puppets wall display children kids

Click on the picture above to see these wee dino puppets/jumping jacks over on our web site

This week has seen lots of new stock turn up as we start to get ready for Christmas (including new Meccano ‘Evolution’ sets and some fantastic new Disney figures from Bullyland). We’ve also been updating our web site to show off a nice wee cross section of the craft kits we stock, pop along here to have a look. Our ‘Dinosaur Train’ competition is still open until Saturday and remember adults are more than welcome to have a go too (the prize for the most creative adult entry is a box of maltesers, you can get a printable copy of the colouring sheet here.

piggy-bank-christmas-money-gift-thumb6886180Another important thing to point out, and we apologise in advance for the reminder, is that it’s now only 3 paychecks till Christmas (4 for the lucky ones who get paid in the week before Christmas). In light of this we thought we might remind you that we offer a Christmas Club layaway service which allows you to spread the cost (and stress) of Christmas shopping to make things a bit easier on your pocket (and blood pressure). Ask any of us for some information about the Christmas club next time you’re in either of our shops. We’re also considering running a Christmas night in the shops sometime in October (food and drink and the chance to look though stock and pick Christmas presents away from the kids) so let us know if you think you’d be interested in attending.

Fun Junction Perth Crieff BullylandOur new Bullyland products are lovely and cover a broad cross-section of different Disney favourites so there should be something for everyone. Currently they’re being exhibited on our fancy new Bullyland display stand in our Perth shop but a selection should be making its way through to Crieff soon. Among them are characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (and yes we have all seven), Winnie the Pooh, Pinocchio, and characters from more recent films like Tangled and Brave, and there are many more on top of this. Pop along to the Perth shop to see what we’ve got.

Fun Junction Crieff Perth MeccanoMeccano’s new ‘Evolution’ range is designed to be a bit more challenging than some of there other sets with a variety of different moving parts on each model. Models include all-terrain vehicles, flying vehicles and building site machines. Again due to space restrictions the display stand has been put together in the Perth shop, but again you’ll be able to get these from Crieff too within the next few days.

We hope you’re enjoying this fairly mild beginning to Autumn, when you’re out enjoying the Autumn sun remember to pop into the shop to start getting ideas for Christmas. Keep in touch, see you again next week, and don’t forget you can subscribe by using the subscribe box to the right of this post.

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Dino Month Week 3

Boris the T Rex, the prize you'll receive if you winThis week we decided to spread our dinosaur train colouring competition out to include adults, the prize up for grabs is a box of malteasers for the most creative picture, so get your thinking caps on and your crayons/pencils/paints out if you’re even remotely a fan of chocolate. You can get a sheet over on our web site by clicking the link to the pdf file and printing it out. Remember to write your name and contact details on the back so that we can let you know if you’re a winner.

Harry Potter and the rise of fantasyJohn’s blog post last week announced that we’ve decided on next month’s theme in the shop. October will be ‘Fantasy and Magic Month’, and we’re all pretty excited about it. One of the main things we’re trying to get feedback on is what the word ‘fantasy’ means to you and also what (if anything) the staff should dress up as for a couple of weekends in October. Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

non girly craft sets boys craft for allAnother ‘event’ has been our attempts to make our craft section on our web site less ‘girly’. We came across a few people on twitter who were having trouble finding non-girly crafts to interest boys. In store we’ve always done as much as we could to keep the craft section open to all and it seems to be working fine. That said we noticed that the packaging/stock photos that you can see online weren’t always the best at showing off the fact that crafts are for all. To try and deal with this John took a pile of activity packs out for a wee photo shoot on Thursday and uploaded some new product onto the web site, you can see the result here. Let us know what you think, should we do some more ‘photo shoots’ to show off our toys?

kingsgatehalloween-haunted-houseWe’re already feeling the strain of preparing for Christmas, but before our toys are whisked up to the North Pole in preparation for the big day, there are loads of other things to prepare for. In October we’re set to attend two stall events, one big two-day event with West Fife baby and Toddlers through in Dunfermline (18th and 19th) and one Halloween themed event at the Community Campus in Crieff the following week (26th). Both of these sound like they’ll be exciting and entertaining. Apparently it’s ‘onesie day’ at the Dunfermline event so whoever is manning the stall that day will be expected to get into the spirit of the thing. Also the Halloween event at the Strathearn Community Campus looks to be packed full of things for everyone.

Well that’s our report of the week here at Fun Junction, keep in touch and remember to sign up for e-mail updates from us by popping your e-mail address into the box on the right.

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This Week at Fun Junction: Dino Month Week 2

papo allosaurus

As we move into the second week of dinosaur month we’ve been really impressed with the responses from customers. Our awesome dinosaur window in our Crieff shop appears to have prompted a rush on ‘Dinosaur Train’ products. These conversational little (and not so little) guys are proving to be popular with a much wider range of ages than we expected at first with both pre-schooler and early schoolers alike jumping for them (so get to them fast because they’re going quick).

compBoris the T Rex, the prize you'll receive if you winIn line with the dinosaur theme we’re also running a ‘Dinosaur Train’ colouring competition with colouring sheets available to pick up in either shop or downloadable on our web-site here. The best entry will be judged by an independent judge (we all find it really hard to choose a winner as colouring entries are always so good at both shops. The winner will receive a brilliant prize; a big interactive Boris the talking T Rex! There is a top prize for each shop, so just pop in to pick up a competition sheet, or download from the website. Competition ends on Saturday the 28th September. NOTE: Please make sure that you remember to write your name, age and telephone number on the back of each entry.

In other news birthday party season is clearly upon us again and we’ve been pointing customers towards our drive through gift service on our web site to help make things easier. Just select an amount and enter some information about the child you’re buying and we’ll do the rest, meaning all you have to do is turn up at the shop to pick up your pre-wrapped parcel. We’ll chose a gift, wrap it and provide a birthday card (or other occasion) so that your bundle is either equal to (or occasionally slightly more than) the value of the price you pay (we WON’T charge you any extra if it goes over). Order before 10pm the night before to ensure that we’ll have it ready for pick up. This service is available in both our Perth and Crieff stores, just select the free ‘in store’ delivery option when you reach the on line checkout.

peel2save cardWe would also like to remind you that we’re now part of the Peel2Save Perth scheme. You can buy a Peel2Save card through many schools and other organisations and part of the money raised goes towards helping raise school/organisation funds. Ask around at your child’s school for more information. The fun junction voucher will work in either of our shops and entitles you to £5 off a purchase of £40 or more.

Not to shock people but the advent calendars are starting to come in (as is a lot of our Christmas stock), we now have a range of both Lego and Playmobil calendars and we’re running them as first come first served so try and get in touch and reserve one as soon as you can to avoid disappointment (we’ll store it in the back for you until closer to the time if you need us to).


Thanks for popping along to read this first ‘This Week at Fun Junction’ and feel free to leave comments/suggestions for us in the comments box below.